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Artisan Cheese

Artisan cheese is created in small batches by hand with recipes that have passed down from generation to generation. Some of our Artisan Cheeses will be familiar; others will be a new experience. All cheese subject to availability.


Our chevre is moist, creamy, lightly salted, mild and delicately flavored.
Shelf life: Respect the use by date on the package. Chevre freezes well. Thaw overnight in refrigerator.
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Le Bleu

Our cow's milk pasteurized blue cheese is deeply veined and fully flavored.

Raw Cow's Milk Gouda

Naturally yellow, made from the freshest grass-fed cow's milk. Aged in our "cave" for a minimum of 4 months. Click here to buy now.


We use a Greek recipe to make our feta with 100% goat milk. It is aged in brine and whey solution for a minimum of three months. Our feta is bright, crumbly and briny. It is creamy white in color with small holes.Click here to buy now.

Sweet Grass

Alpine style, straw-colored cheese from grass-fed cows. This raw milk cheese has been aged for more than 7 months and washed with wine and salt. Click here to buy now.


Soft-ripened cow's milk cheese with buttery flavor. As it continues to age, the texture softens and flavor deepens. Check in-store for price and availability.

Cheese Trays

First rising to popularity in 15th century France, cheese trays have gained popularity in recent years based on its variety of colorful, artisanal flavors. Consisting of an assortment of cheese, cured meats, nuts, fruit, bread or crackers these culinary delights make excellent appetizers or a rustic meal. Our trays are always evolving and like our cheese, we source quality artisan meats. You can take yours home or enjoy it on one of the picnic tables outside. Click here to shop available trays.

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