Haute Goat Creamery


Experience Exceptional French, Artisan Cheese

Longview is home to many unique experiences, but none as unique as experiencing the exceptional cheeses from Haute Goat Creamery. Haute Goat Creamery has developed quite a following for their artisan goat-milk cheeses, which give patrons the taste of old-world French cheese making traditions.

The most popular Haute Goat Creamery cheese, Chevre, originated from the Loire River Valley. For over a hundred years, cheese makers have enjoyed adding subtle differences to the making of Chevre. Laura Vanderbilt, Haute Goat Creamery cheese maker, is no different. Her time-intensive, hand–ladling process is an art form and encourages the creamy texture to emerge - to her customers’ delight!

Haute Goat Creamery uses goats that are known for their very luxurious and sweet milk. All are from Grade A inspected dairies; no hormones or antibiotics are used.

There’s no need to travel to France to find exceptional French Artisan Cheese. It’s right here!

Haute Goat Creamery 
415 N. High Street - Longview, TX 75601- (430) 558-8020
Wednesday - Friday   11:00am -  5:00pm